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Movement = A,S,W,D

Numbers 1 - 6 selects weapons, as does the scroll wheel.

Press Jump (default = space) + A|W|D while in mid-air to quickly dodge in the desired direction.

Press Drop (default = F) while in mid-air to drop to the ground.

These are very handy for getting out of the line of fire.

Survival mode is a never-ending battle against an increasing number of turrets - see how long you can last.

Rush mode puts you against a succession of behemoths - completing this unlocks Auger mode.

The High Scores screen displays your best score for each level against other b.UG'ers around the world.

Remember: Don't stop moving. Ever.


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bUG_mac_1.0.0.app.zip 375 MB
bUG_win_1.0.0.zip 370 MB


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It is done!  All feedback welcome though. ;-)