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Movement = A,S,W,D

Numbers 1 - 6 selects weapons, as does the scroll wheel.

Press Jump (default = space) + A|S|W|D while in mid-air to quickly dodge in the desired direction.

Press Drop (default = F) while in mid-air to drop to the ground.

These are very handy for getting out of the line of fire.

Remember: Don't stop moving. Ever.

This is a rough-cut of the final game. That means there's no fanfare when a tank is destroyed in Rush mode. Just *blip* end-of-level tally, then *blip* next tank. Once all three are destroyed you'll just bounce back to the title. We just really wanted to get something out for people to see and give feedback on.

Was it too hard/easy?

While some weapons are designed to be hard to use because they're very powerful, are they too hard to make use of?

Are some weapons OP?

Do the ammo and health pickup values need to be bigger/smaller?

Survival mode basically sticks the player in a can with an ever-growing number of hornets and gives it a good ol' shake.

Rush mode sets the player against the first three tanks from the finished game. Destroying each tank in turn will progress the player to the next one.

When finished b.UG will include:-

  • More tanks to destroy!
  • More music tracks
  • End of level tallies

Any feedback is very welcome and will definitely be credited when the final game is released in the next couple of months.

Version 0.5.1:

  • Fixed Retry button
  • Expanded possible turret spawn locations

Version 0.5:

  • Tidied for rough-cut release
  • Added full dodge and drop ability
  • Background music

Version 0.4:

  • Rush mode added
  • Minor weapon glitches fixed
  • All weapons added

Version 0.3:

  • Scroll wheel weapon select
  • Some minor lighting settings (hopefully makes things sharper)
  • Platform collision has been made more forgiving
  • FOV increased as well as mouse sensitivity

Version 0.2: Now with High Score/Best Time! =)


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We have testers working on the latest build and should be releasing a final version by end of August. =)